Thieves Rob Vegas Mini-Michael Jackson Impersonator of $6,000 In Tips, Custom Outfits

February 8, 2018

By Joe Cingrana

A pint-sized Michael Jackson impersonator was robbed of $6,000 of his hard-earned cash by, as they say, some “smooth criminals,” while performing in downtown Las Vegas over the weekend.

Eight-year-old dancer Vegas-Michael Hammond has been performing as MJ for his family since he was just two-years-old and has been on the street doing his routines on Las Vegas’ Fremont Street every weekend, his mother Sandy tells The NY Post.

While in the midst of his “Billie Jean” performance this past Saturday alongside his father, a magician who also does an act on Fremont St., someone dropped a wad of cash into his metal tip bucket. After a fellow performer spotted the massive tip, he alerted others nearby who rushed over demanding to split the money.

So, the Hammonds packed their tips and other supplies and made their way off the strip, stopping for dinner at an Outback Steakhouse, but leaving the backpack in the car. You know where this story is headed; just a few minutes after sitting down, a manager alerted them that their car was broken into. Not only was the backpack and money stolen, but little Vegas-Michael’s custom-made outfits were snatched as well.

As the pair prepare to hit the streets again this weekend, Vegas-Michael put the situation to rest saying, “We’re alive, we have each other, we’ll just have to be more careful. Plus I have to make the money back.”

Better keep a lookout for the Hammonds on Fremont street the next time you’re in Sin City — and be sure to leave them a nice tip!

(h/t NY Post)