Bon Jovi Proves to Be 'Limitless,' Drops New Song and Album Release Date

Listen to the band's new single

February 21, 2020

Bon Jovi has announced a release date for their 15th studio album while sharing another preview.

“Limitless” will be the third track on 2020, which will be available everywhere on May 15th. The single was teased in a unique contest earlier this month. Bon Jovi asked fans to record themselves singing their own melodies of the song on top of an instrumental track.

“On a night like this, one prayer, one wish. Step out off the edge; it’s worth the risk. Life is limitless,” Jon Bon Jovi sings on the chorus.

“Limitless” follows the release of “Unbroken,” a song written for the documentary “To Be of Service” that will be the second track on 2020.

The album cover features Jon Bon Jovi solo, hand to his mouth as if he has something to say. And he has already indicated the LP will feature more socially conscious themes without being overly political. “I’m very happy with it,” he said. “It’s a different record.”

Bon Jovi '2020' Tracklisting
1. "Beautiful Drug"
2. "Unbroken"
3. "Limitless"
4. "Luv Can"
5. "Brothers in Arms"
6. "Story of Love"
7. "Lower the Flag"
8. "Let It Rain"
9. "Shine"
10. "Blood in the Water"

Bon Jovi will surely play some of the new songs live when they hit the road this summer. They’re touring with Bryan Adams starting June 10th in Tacoma, WA.

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