32-Year-Old Daughter Dies of Heart Attack at Mom’s Coronavirus Funeral

April 10, 2020

A 32-year-old woman died of a heart attack while grieving at her mother’s funeral, who passed away due to coronavirus.

Laura Richards began feeling chest pains and collapsed just as her 63-year-old mother, Julie Murphy, was being lowered into the ground at a cemetery in Warwickshire, England, reported The Sun.

"Everyone was really upset and Laura said she was light-headed and had pains in her chest," Laura’s sister, Lisa Green, told the publication. "We thought it was just anxiety at first but then I called 999."

Family members attempted to revive Laura while waiting for medics to transport her to the hospital.

“But there was nothing that could be done, she had a massive heart attack,” her half-sister Sadie said.

"To lose your sister at your mum’s funeral - it’s like a horror film. She was only 32."

Laura’s mother, Julie, had contracted coronavirus at a nursing home and passed away in the hospital on March 15th. The 63-year-old also suffered from MS and dementia.

After Julie’s death, Laura paid tribute to her mother by sharing a touching photo of the two of them with the caption: “I ❤️ You mum.”

The days that followed were extremely painful for Laura.

"She hadn’t been out of the house until the funeral. Losing mum must have really affected her.” Sadie added. "I think her body just gave up on her."

According to the outlet, Laura was buried next to her mother, but only five people were able to attend the funeral due to coronavirus protocols.

Following the funeral, Laura’s sister Kelly later paid tribute to both departed family members in an emotional post.

“Finally at rest mum, can’t believe the outcome of the day. Losing such a special little sister whilst putting mum to rest,” Kelly captioned a family photo on Facebook. “Look after each other up there. Still in shock, words can’t express how we all feel. We love you both with all our heart and we miss you.”

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