‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Drop the ‘Property,’ Keep the ‘Brothers’

September 5, 2017

(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM)


Live from the StubHub Studio today on Shannon in the Morning two superstars you see almost every day on HGTV check in on the Big Show star phone! Jonathan & Drew — The Scott Brothers — are back on the program to make Patty Steele blush like a little school girl!

The brothers are happy to announce that their first written memoir, “It Takes Two: Our Story,” is out in stores TODAY — PLUS you can now see the guys on the road in their Scott Brothers House Party tour!

“It Takes Two: Our Story” reveals new stories about their childhood antics, career ambitions, relationships, and the ups and downs of living in the spotlight. Written by Jonathan and Drew in alternating chapters, the book reads like a conversation with your two friends—who just happen to be entrepreneurs, TV personalities, authors and recording artists.

Be sure to catch Jonathan and Drew in The Property Brothers, Brother versus Brother and Buying & Selling on HGTV.

—Shannon in the Morning/WCBS-FM