8 Classic Space Songs That Are Out Of This World

February 20, 2014 12:00 AM


When we think of space travel the names Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin instantly pop into our heads. Tom Hanks, too. Apollo 13 was a really good movie.

But before Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon — unless you think that whole thing was staged and, in that case, forget it — the members of Friendship 7, led by United States Marine Corps pilot and future United States senator John Glenn, flew into space on February 20, 1962 to begin their mission to orbit Earth.

We don’t know if NASA had the technology to install a space radio into that ship, but if we could send some tunes from the future into the past, these would be the ones.

Here are 8 Classic Space Songs That Are Out Of This World!

David Bowie “Space Oddity”

Elton John “Rocket Man”

CCR “Bad Moon Rising”

The Kinks “Supersonic Rocket Ship”

R.E.M. “Man on the Moon”

Steve Miller Band “The Joker”

Patti Smith “Space Monkey”

Europe “The Final Countdown”

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