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Shannon in the Morning Celebrates Their 2 Year Anniversary on CBS-FM!It's all going down this Friday, March 4th from 6-10AM on WCBS-FM 101.1 -- PLUS you can stream the show online right here on! LISTEN LIVE »
Comedian Jim Norton In Studio with Scott ShannonLittle Jimmy, as he's affectionately known to his fans, was thrilled to be in studio with Scott Shannon today, and the feeling was absolutely mutual from everyone at WCBS-FM.
Rob Thomas on His Career: 'It's Really Stupid, But It Makes Sense For Me'"One time I met Ryan Adams, who is one of my favorite songwriters," says Thomas. "And he comes to me, 'That song 'Bent.' I love 'Bent.' That solo, that opening *guitar sound*, it's just stupid. It doesn't make any sense at all, but I love it."
Joan Jett Remembers Radio As The Reason For Post-Runaways SuccessAfter The Runaways split in 1979, Joan Jett set out on a solo career, enlisting the help of Kenny Laguna as a songwriter.
'Vacation' Star Ed Helms: Chevy Chase 'Is My Hero'Before his career even began, prior to his satirical field segments on The Daily Show, Helms found his love for comedy through Chevy Chase.
Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon Reveals the Glue That Kept 'Paper Gods' TogetherDuran Duran's frontman talks about producers Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson, who worked on 'Paper Gods,' and the one who kept it all together.
Simon Pegg Confirms Tom Cruise Isn't Crazy... On Set of 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation'Say what you will about Cruise and his personal life, but the man is a true professional on set, according to his Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation costar Simon Pegg.
"New Boobs" Parody: Shannon In the Morning Welcomes Back Patty SteeleNew Na-Na-New, B-Boob B-Boob Boobs... Welcome Back, Patty Steele!
Chicago Fire's Taylor Kinney On Playing the Hero for the LadiesApparently a lot of women, not just Scott Shannon's wife, are a fan of Taylor as he runs around Chicago dressed as a sexy sexy fireman saving lives.
Patty Steele Visits NYC's "Seinfeld Apartment"Hulu have set up an art gallery on 14th street (right below the Highline) to look like the interior of Jerry Seinfeld's famous apartment.
Micky Dolenz on Losing His Morning Show to Some Jerk Named "Jack"He's sold over 75 million records as a Monkee AND as a solo artist, PLUS he was WCBS-FM's morning man from January 2005 through June 2005 - until he was replaced by a little something called Jack FM (relax everyone, we're just mentioning it!)

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