One-Hit Wonders: Vangelis' "Chariots Of Fire"We've all done it: run in faux slo-mo down the driveway to the sounds of "duh-da-da-da-dah-dah" in our minds. That would be the theme to "Chariots of Fire."
One-Hit Wonders: The Dazz Band's "Let It Whip"The Dazz Band were the sum of two bands that played the clubs of Cleveland during the 1970s. By the early '80s, they were on Motown, hitting the R&B charts and warming up for their lone single to make the pop charts.
One-Hit Wonders: Soft Cell's "Tainted Love"Born of a friendship formed at Leeds Art College, <a href="/tag/soft-cell/">Soft Cell</a> was a project for which Marc Almond and David Ball had less-than-top-ten expectations. Imagine their surprise when "Tainted Love" hit the top of the U.S. pop charts.
One-Hit Wonders: Dexy's Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen"A tumultuous band subject to the tumultuous whims of leader Kevin Rowland, Dexy's Midnight Runners were a hit many times over in the UK. In the US, however, they've never managed to break free from the category known as One-Hit Wonders.
One-Hit Wonders: Kajagoogoo And "Too Shy"With a name like Kajagoogoo, it had to be good. At least once, anyway.
One-Hit Wonders: Big Country and "In A Big Country"Though they had a string of hits in the UK over the course of more than fifteen years, Big Country found only one hit in the US... and we all know which one that is.
One-Hit Wonders: "Weird Al" Yankovic And "Eat It"From the bedroom to the bathroom to the pop Top 20. So went the path traveled by "Weird Al" Yankovic to find his hit, "Eat It."
One-Hit Wonders: Jane PowellAn actress best known for her role in the film <em>Seven Brides for Seven Brothers</em>, Jane Powell scored her lone Top-40 hit in 1956 with a cover of Bing Crosby's "True Love."
One Hit Wonders: Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky"We keep hearing this one of the TV so let's go back to '69 and reconsider Norman Greenbaum, who joined the class of One Hit Wonders with his song, "Spirit in the Sky."
One-Hit Wonders: Kit Carson And "Band Of Gold"Considering her stage name was the same as the American frontiersman and her one hit had the same name as a Motown tune famous in later years, it's no wonder no one remembers Kit Carson and her one hit "Band of Gold."
One Hit Wonders: Barry Gordon And "Nuttin' For Christmas"Barry Gordon was just three years old when he made his acting debut on "Ted Mack's Amateur Hour." He was a worldly seven years old when he scored his lone Top 40 hit, "Nuttin' for Christmas."
One-Hit Wonders: Sniff 'N' The Tears, "Driver's Seat"Forever connected to a single moment in time -- the new wave explosion of 1979 -- "Driver's Seat" in the lone hit single from Sniff 'n' the Tears.

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