Battle Of The Benjamins: The Beatles VS Barrett Strong with 'Money (That's What I Want)'
CBS-FM's (No) Death And Taxes PlaylistOur Spotify playlsit includes hits from The O'Jays, Dire Straits, the Steve Miller Band, Donna Summer and many more.
Crunching The Numbers On A Led Zeppelin Reunion TourTwenty million people tried to buy tickets to Led Zeppelin's lone reunion show in 2007 at London's O2 Arena. Take a moment and let the crushing hugeness of that number sink in. For Zeppelin to perform for 20 million different people, it would take roughly 1,000 shows at New York arena Madison Square Garden.
Ways To Prevent Overspending At The Department Store Are you guilty of overspending at the supermarket or department store? You may not even realize that stores are carefully designed to make you drop as much cash as possible, and we have some tips to help you avoid that!
Ringo Starr, Phil Collins Top World’s Richest Drummers ListTo quote the legendary James Brown, “give the drummer some!” Or in the case of this list ranking the richest beat-keepers in the world, give the drummers a whole lot, as in a fortune.
Getting Paid At Woodstock: Possible Artist Fees From 1969Some artists were paid handsomely to perform at Woodstock. Others? Well, not so much.
Allman Brothers Band's Jaimoe Gets Money Advice From Otis Redding (VIDEO)Joining the soul legend's band in the spring of 1966, Jaimoe would soon learn a big lesson from Otis Redding. It was one that he'd carry through his life, but it wasn't musical advice.
Financial Meltdown Music Playlist: "Rip It Up" Before You're "Broke And Hungry"
Ashton Kutcher: Highest Paid Sitcom Actor This Fall
Today Is Turntable Tuesday: How Much Are Your Records Really Worth?
Paul McCartney Skipping The Prenup Third Time Around
Tips For Anyone Who Owes Income Taxes This Season

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