Dialogue 101: Parkinson’s Awareness MonthDeb Gordon’s guest was Dr. James Beck, Ph.D, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at the Parkinson’s Foundation which funds research and offers a variety of support services for patients and their families.
Dialogue 101: Tourette Association of AmericaDeb Gordon’s guest was Dr. Kevin McNaught, Executive Vice President of Research and Medical Programs for the Tourette Association of America, a non-profit based in New York that strives to make life better for those affected by Tourette syndrome and tic disorders.
Can Drinking Coffee Undo Liver Damage? Probably Not, But There's a StudyA new study says drinking MORE COFFEE (yes!) can help undo the damage you've done.
Town Rejects Solar Panels: They Will "Suck Up All the Sun's Energy"What do YOU think of the townspeople's fears? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Jim Carrey Calls California Governor a 'Fascist' After Passing Mandatory Vaccination BillThe actor, who believes there is a link between vaccinations and autism, took to Twitter to let his 14 million followers know how much he truly hates the bill.
Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi: 'The Surgeon Doesn't Expect the Cancer to Go Away'"I look at life differently now," he says.
The Monster That Steals Your Socks Just Might Be Your DogIt's a question that has been asked for ages. Surely the knights in King Arthur's court had wondered, "Where the hecketh did that other sock go?!"
Hey, Thanks For the Help Everybody: Man Faints On Subway, Everyone Flees
Why You Are Still Alive? - The Immune System ExplainedThe folks at Kurzgesagt.org make videos. Short videos that explain everyday things that you probably don't understand. In their latest, we find out exactly why we're still alive in these amazing bodies of ours that are bombarded with things that should kill us every minute.
Bloomberg Signs NYC Ban Of Tobacco Sales To Anyone Under 21The legislation makes New York the first large city or state in the country to prohibit sales to young adults.
Hungover? Research Indicates Sprite May Be Cure-AllNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Forget the egg and cheese or coffee – new research has found Sprite might be the ultimate hangover cure.
Brian Wilson Reveals Back Problems, Recovering From SurgeryIt's been a strenuous 2012 for Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson, and many have expressed concerns over the 70-year-old's health as he's toured the globe with his reunited band.

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