Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

Saturday Morning: Goodbye NYC, Hello Bahamas!

How do you put into words, ones that will make sense anyway, the feeling of freedom and excitement; wonder and serenity that you experience after such a short plane ride?

Two short plane rides, actually, but that was part of the fun. Small planes have always fascinated me (and we all know Dan Taylor has a little airplane hobby), so the small jet from Miami to Great Exuma, Bahamas was a perfect start to our three days in Paradise, thanks to Sandals Resorts.

The view flying in was incredible…

As soon as we arrived at the resort, which was only a 10-15 minute drive from the airport, we were greeted by the staff with champagne and strict orders to relax. When I saw the view of the grounds from the lobby though, there was no way I could just sit and sip… it was time for exploration.

Check out tons of photos from around the resort and golf course below…

Sandals Emerald Bay - Great Exuma, Bahamas - The Resort

Sandals Emerald Bay – The Resort and Course

Saturday Afternoon: Open Seas!

After taking in the sights, sounds and spirits of Sandals, we were whisked away to enjoy some snorkeling around some of the outer islands. The trip into the open blue water was breathtaking. We stopped and snorkeled around an underwater cave, watching a colorful variety of fish and friends as they swam aimlessly in the warm, salt water. Afterwards we had some lunch on the go and pulled up to another island where there were wild pigs waiting for us to cuddle with!

OK, we didn’t cuddle, that would be weird. We did jump out of the boat to have a little fun with them, though!


The water was waist deep, don’t worry. No cramps. Check out more photos below…

Dan Taylor At Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas - Boat Trip

Dan Taylor’s Boat Excursion – Sandals Emerald Bay

Dinner, drinks and some more relaxing is all that we had on our itinerary for the rest of the night. And that’s just what we did. Tomorrow we had a pretty full day ahead of us. Apparently Sandals has something to show us…

Sunday Night: Wait, What Happened To Sunday?

Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

Photo: Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

After spending the entire day sampling Sandals Emerald Bay’s numerous restaurants, signature dishes, signature drinks, signature shots (shots shots) and more shots… we can now say without any doubt that the staff intends to keep us here indefinitely. Don’t tell them, but we’ll stay as long as they want!

Monday Morning: #LiveFromSandals

Broadcast day one was a success. 6-10AM, DT was #LiveFromSandals speaking with the staff and playing the hits!

Watch below as Dan Taylor chats with one of Sandals Emerald Bay’s highly professional service staff members about some of the wines available during your stay at the resort; whether you want it poolside, bedside or at your table!

Obviously it couldn’t be all work and no play while we were there. Dan had some fun out on the professionally rated golf course, soaked in some sun on the beach and in the spa’s quiet pools (soooo quiet! SHH!) and even found time to pick up a new pair of shades at the resort’s gift shop…

DT’s ‘Prescription’ Sandals Shades!

Tuesday Morning: #LiveFromSandals

We are now three nights into an all-inclusive “work-cation,” mind you…

After Tuesday’s live broadcast from 6-10AM (which I may or may not have been a little late for, shh don’t judge!) we were packed and out the door by 11AM. This WAS work after all; we can’t broadcast from here forever. Time to go back to NYC.

We can’t thank the staff and crew enough for not only  putting together an incredible three days, but also a flawless and fun live broadcast! And it was an absolute pleasure meeting so many new friends in and out of the radio buisness. Truly an amazing experience…

Do we HAVE to leave?

Be sure to follow the hashtag #LiveFromSandals to see more of the fun in the sun that Sandals offers at all of their locations.

–Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

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