Curb Your Enthusiasm is back on HBO for Season 9. The mind of Larry David has been on a six-year hiatus. Don’t get me wrong, Larry has produced and starred in a Broadway play and made a movie — and he probably played a lot of golf. Some people thought the show would never return, so there was a real sense of excitement at the premiere in New York City on Wednesday night.

Larry David rarely likes to do interviews, so it was a huge moment to see him chatting away on the red carpet. I was determined to have a fun talk with the comic genius.

brad larry1 e1506703098797 Larry David at the Curb Your Enthusiasm Premiere: People are very odd creaturesI met Larry previously at the Kentucky Derby, so opened up with that with hopes that it would break the ice! I then went straight into asking him when the idea came to do another season of Curb. He had to do some quick thinking as he responded, “I don’t know where it was. I don’t know how it happened. I was doing stand-up at the time and I was on stage and I thought I might do Curb again.”

He then went on to say there are always new ideas because, “You have social encounters, people are very odd creatures.”

I enjoyed the “odd creature” line so I asked him if he was investigating human characteristics where he bluntly replied, “I don’t investigate, I just try to write some funny shows.”

In the end, I wanted to get some advice from such an esteemed and sharp man. I asked him about going bald. He replied, “Are you going to get transplants?”

I said, “I’m happily married at this stage.”

In true Larry David style, “You’re married, what do you care? What’s the difference?”

And after a two-minute chat, I got my pure Curb Your Enthusiasm moment!

Larry and all of his Curb Your Enthusiasm pals return October 1st on HBO.


Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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