John Corbett (Photo: VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Today on the Big Show ‘Star Phone,’ an actor who you know best from his starring roles as the love interest in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, one of the highest-grossing independent films of all time, as well as Sex and the City. Currently, the Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominee stars in the new movie All Saints.

But he’s not just a big screen actor, John is also a music man who has been performing and recording for the last 12 years. Be sure to check out his tunes HERE.

Based on a true story, All Saints tells the story of a group of Southeast-Asian refugees who save a small church by turning the surrounding land into a working farm. John plays a salesman-turned-pastor, the good Reverend Michael Spurlock, who risks everything to save his little church and care for the refugees.

“My CPA of the last 2o-some years called me up and he says ‘John, I’ve never asked you for anything but I’ve got a buddy of mine who wrote a script and I want to send it to you,'” John explained about how his inclusion in the film came to be. “And I thought, ‘yeah no problem,’ but you know, secretly thinking ‘oh God, one of these again? OK, here we go.’

“Damned if I didn’t read about ten pages of it and thought ‘this is really good.’ And when I finished it, I called up my CPA and said ‘what’s the guy’s number?’ Within six months we got the money together and we made it.”

“It’s a small movie,” John admits, “like some of my favorite movies you know, like Tender Mercies and Norma Rae — no special effects, no CGI — but a great story about a little church that takes in some Burmese refugees. It’s a great little tale.”

Listen to the full interview above.

All Saints hits theaters nationwide on August 25th.


–Joe Cingrana/Shannon in the Morning




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