One of the biggest ‘one-hit-wonders’ of 1981 came in the form of an Italian from Ohio — Joe Dolce reached number 1 in over 15 countries and sold over 15 million copies worldwide of his single “Shaddap You Face.” (It was even this writers first 45!)

Although classic artists such as Dolce rarely get the remix treatment, others have come and gone with mixed reviews. This latest reworking of an “oldie-but-goodie” will certainly divide the line between lovers and haters of dance music — but there’s no denying it was a brilliant idea.

Think of all the seniors getting up to dance at the next Sweet 16 or retirement party you attend! Make sure the DJ has this song!

The video has already received over 50,000 views on Facebook, so we decided to speak with the man behind the remix, 48-year-old New Jersey native Biagio.

“I’m an Italian/American musician and I’ve played many venues through the years as a DJ,” he explains. “I always liked the song called ‘Shaddap You Face’ and knew if I redid it as a dance version, it would work. I added an EDM hook sound to capture the younger audience.”

“People love it,” he says. “Young and old, they love when we say ‘What’s A Matta U!’

You can catch Biagio live at the Mount Virgin Festival in Garfield, NJ on Friday & Saturday – August 18 & 19th, 2017! 


–Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM


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