It seems some Pink Floyd fans have not been keeping up with how the band’s former singer, Roger Waters, feels about the current political situation at home in the States and abroad.

Waters is currently touring in support of his first new solo album since 1992, Is This the Life We Really Want?, and this past Saturday night in New Orleans Floyd fans got a healthy dose of politics with their rock and roll.

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The tour stop was Waters’ first time performing in the city since Pink Floyd played there way back in 1978 — and some fans were not prepared for the anti-authoritarian, anti-Trump rhetoric coming from the video screens.

The New Orleans Advocate’s Keith Spera reports:

During “Pigs (Three Different Ones),” a procession of profane images of the current American president filled the massive screens: Trump as a baby, being held aloft by Russian President Vladimir Putin; Trump as a statue with an exceptionally small penis. The parade continued for several minutes, followed by examples of infamous Trump quotes.

Finally, the words “Trump is a pig” filled the screens, as if the point hadn’t already been made. It had, repeatedly, with a sledgehammer. When the anti-Trump barrage carried over to the subsequent “Money,” it felt like overkill.

There was some booing, but any offended Trump fans who walked out missed the highlights that followed.


Waters’ views should come as no shock to those who have kept up with the firebrand musician who has been voicing his discontent about leaders and governments the world over since, well, forever.

We can only assume Waters supports his fans’ decision to leave his show in protest, but we also suggest catching up on what side of the political aisle your favorite rockers reside — if that’s important to you — simply so you don’t go wasting any more of your hard earned ‘Money.”


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–Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM


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