Is This The Life We Really Want? drops this month.

By Hayden Wright

Roger Waters’ fifth solo album is due out May 19 and he’s hitting the television circuit to play tracks from Is This The Life We Really Want? 

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Last night, the Pink Floyd icon appeared on The Late Show to perform his latest single “Déjà Vu” from the upcoming record — his first in 25 years. The set involved an acoustic guitar, a string section and a pair of female backup singers — giving the religious content a bit of organic gravity. For the album, Waters has promised a no-hands-barred look at contemporary life, including politics.

“I will be making the point that we’re living the life that we don’t really want to live,” he told Rolling Stone. “I like to think that people would still like to live in a world where we might address the problems of climate change, where we might understand that if we empathize with others, it makes us feel happier.”

Watch Waters perform “Déjà Vu” below:

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