"I think we listen to one another’s work," Davies said of the Who leader and songwriter.

By Brian Ives 

“I don’t have many friends,” former Kinks leader Ray Davies said in a recent interview with England’s Newstatesman. “I love people but when it comes to friendships, I . . . not back off, exactly, but would rather observe than interact.” While that may be partially why he’s such a celebrated songwriter, it also speaks to his reclusiveness. And, it seems that he rarely compares notes with other artists from his generation.

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In the interview, he references Ron Wood — the Rolling Stones’ guitarist since 1976 — as “the guitarist from the Faces,” who broke up in 1975. He also discusses some of his other peers: “I hated the lifestyle of Paul McCartney. I didn’t want to be like Elton John or Rod Stewart.” He added, “There’s only one person who’s more insecure than I am, and his name is Pete Townshend.”

If he’s right about that, the interview may add to Townshend’s alleged insecurity: “When I did have a meaningful chat with Pete, he said, ‘We never talk.’ And I said, ‘Why start now?'”

However, he also said, ““There is a mutual telepathy,” between the two. “I think we listen to one another’s work.”

Ray Davies’ solo album, Americana, is due out April 21.


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