"I later called [it] his greatest hit."

By Robyn Collins

“Chuck Berry once gave me a black eye,” shares Keith Richards with Rolling Stone, who then added, “I later called [it] his greatest hit.”

In a tribute piece, The Rolling Stones’ guitarist explained that he was in the legend’s dressing room, plucking his guitar strings when Berry walked in and punched him in the left eye. Richards took responsibility for the altercation saying, “If I walked into my dressing room and saw somebody fiddling with my axe, it would be perfectly all right to sock ’em, you know? I just got caught.”


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He also shares about the impact that Chuck Berry has on rock n’ roll music, saying, “Chuck is the granddaddy of us all. Even if you’re a rock guitarist who wouldn’t name him as your main influence, your main influence is probably still influenced by Chuck Berry. He is rock and roll in its pure essence.”

In 1986, Richards had the opportunity to live with the rocker in his home, Berry Park, for several weeks, to work on a new project. The guitar legend said it was a dream come true.

Read the entire tribute here.

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