Woody Harrelson is one of the great American actors. I was a young kid when Woody replaced the irreplaceable “Coach” on Cheers, and since then he has had a wild and wonderful career flipping between theatre, film and again recently, TV with HBO’s True Detectives.

I’ve had some memorable nights with Woody over the years. We met when I had to interview him back in the ’00s and I swear he laughed at my head during the whole interview. I think we have similar heads!!! Maybe Woody sees great comedy in the circumference of my noggin! Back in 2007, I went to a U2 post-concert party at Babbo, one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in the West Village, New York. It was about 2AM and I got talking to Woody. Again, Woody started giggling at my head as we chatted away.

It was good to see him the other night on the red carpet for his new movie, Wilson. I’d heard that Woody was out with Mario Batali and Bono again the night before and that Bono had done a memorable toast to Chuck Berry. I asked Woody what words Bono said as he toasted the late great Mr. Berry.

Woody paraphrased, “Imagine someone that came up the way he did and writing a pop song that says ‘roll over Beethoven,’ and tell Tchaikovsky the news… that’s just mind-blowing!” Woody went on to say “We all appreciate Chuck Berry.”

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In the movie Wilson, Woody plays a prickly character who is confused by the modern world. I told him that I find myself rooting for him and then I kind of dislike him, where he smiled and said, “There is that kind of thing where sometimes you root for him, and sometimes you’re like, ‘I find it hard to root for you, dude!'”

In 2018, Woody will have a Star Wars stand-alone movie coming out, about the younger days of Han Solo. Woody will play Han Solo’s mentor, so I decided to ask Woody what he would say to me if he was my mentor. He quickly replied, “Watch me and do the opposite!”

Wow… good advice! What a life he has had.

WILSON is in New York theaters this Friday, March 24th.


Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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