As a radio dee-jay who’s been in the business long enough to remember what Marconi smells like, WCBS-FM morning man Scott Shannon has had the pleasure of being on stage with some iconic musicians; whether he was interviewing them ‘Up Close,’ handing out awards or introducing them on stage in front of packed crowds, Scott admits the thrill never seems to fade away.

That was certainly the case once-upon-a-time when he had an opportunity to introduce the late Chuck Berry on stage at the Meadowlands on his birthday.

“Chuck was sitting down in a metal chair at the front of the stage, watching me,” Scott remembers. “So if that didn’t make me nervous enough… and then the shooters kicked in!”

“It’s a packed house at the Meadowlands, and I start reeling off a few songs that Chuck wrote and sang — and just kept going! I was on automatic pilot, let’s put it that way.

“I remembered his name, it wasn’t that bad, but I was into b-sides by that time — and he wouldn’t budge! ‘Keep going, man! Keep going,’ he’d yell up the stage!

“Finally I said Chuck, I’m outta songs! You gotta get your a** up here and sing!”

chuck berry1 Scott Shannon Remembers Chuck Berry: Chuck, Im outta songs! You gotta get your a** up here and sing!

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–Joe Cingrana/Shannon in the Morning


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