Weird Texts from Cyndi Lauper: ‘Hey Jewel, Do You Yodel?’

The first text is the weirdest. Or the most awkward. Or just the summation of all your worst anxieties coming together on the screen of your smart phone.

While working on her last record Detour, Cyndi Lauper found herself in that very situation. Lauper was working out the logistics on her cover of Dolly Parton‘s “Hard Candy Christmas” with Alison Krauss when she was met with a peculiar problem: the inability to yodel.

Admittedly, Lauper is not the best at yodeling. Peter Gabriel was able to pick up the skill after three lessons, but not all of us, including Lauper, are on the same learning curve as Mr. Solsbury Hill. Then her new friend Alison Krauss dug deep into her contacts to look for some help.

“I actually got a text from Alison… she gave me Jewel’s number, and that’s how I got Jewel’s number… she said, ‘I’m not sure if she still has this number,'” Lauper rattled on before continuing, “And then I texted and I said, ‘Hi. This is Cyndi Lauper. Alison Krauss gave me your number, hope you don’t mind.’ And I texted back, ‘Well, if this is not Jewel, just chalk this off as another crazy text.’ And I asked her if she still yodeled.”

Fortunately, it was Jewel’s phone number and inquiring about her yodeling was quite odd.

“She [Jewel] wrote me back and said, ‘Yes, this is Jewel and that is one of the most unusual questions people have ever asked me. Yes, I can still yodel.'”

Of course, Jewel appears on Detour with an appearance on “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”; clearly, it all worked out.

Listen to Cyndi Lauper chatting with Shannon in the Morning below!


–E.J. Judge/WCBS-FM

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