More than 30 years have passed since Barry Gibb released his one and only solo record, 1984’s Now Voyager, and his new studio album, In The Now. Recently, Gibb has dealt with the tragic losses of his brother and Bee Gees companion, Robin — who died in 2012 from complications caused by colorectal cancer — and the recent loss of his mother.

“I had all this new insight, this new feeling of spirituality, of loss… the tremendous grief,” Gibb tells CBS-FM’s Scott Shannon. “You learn so much from it… I had all these things I wanted to say.” Prior to the loss of his mother and Robin, Barry’s brother Maurice died suddenly in 2003 due to complications of a twisted intestine shortly after his 53rd birthday. Understandably, Barry didn’t see continuing in music as an option until now, stating in a recent interview with Billboard, “I was ready to quit. I was done. There was no point in going on any further.”

Gibb discussed the particular influence of the album’s closing track, “End of the Rainbow.”

“I came up with that song and I realized that I was singing about my brothers and I brought it to the hospital and sang it to Robin while he was in a coma,” recalls Gibb. “I don’t know if he ever heard it… I just sang a part of it and basically, ‘The dream came true and it’s okay, Rob.’ That’s what I was trying to say.”


Listen to Shannon’s interview with Barry Gibb below, as well as the John Elliott “word of the day” and a lively, detailed discussion about Costco from the Scott Shannon podcast.



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