Meat Loaf marks his return with the release of Braver Than We Are, his 13th studio album. With 45 years between this and his first full length album, Meat Loaf is at a point in his career where he doesn’t need to feel the pressure of having his record break, much like he did for his sophomore album, Bat Out of Hell.

“In 1977, everyone hated Bat Out of Hell,” recalls Meatloaf. “Bat Out of Hell took from October all the way to June to break it.”

On that road to “breaking it” Meatloaf encountered Walter Yetnikoff, President and CEO of CBS Records. Yetnikoff booked Meat Loaf to close the CBS Convention in January of 1978, helping to get the ball rolling, even if it meant closing the show to a potentially empty room.

“Everybody told us, ‘Oh my god, they got you in the closing spot. That’s horrifying. Everybody will be gone,'” he recalls. “But what was interesting was, in 1973, [Janis] Joplin had the closing spot, so everyone wanted to stay and see Joplin. And everybody had heard about me, so they wanted to stay and see what I did.”

(Editors Note: We understand Janis Joplin died in 1970, so Meat may have his dates mixed up.)

“They went crazy. They broke tables and chairs and did $40,000 worth of damage to the room,” added Meat Loaf.

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Following that performance, Yetnikoff pushed for further promotion of Bat Out of Hell. Additionally, the album received constant support from two Saturday Night Live stars, John Belushi and Gilda Radner, forcing Lorne Michaels’ hand to book Meat Loaf on the next to last episode of the season.

“And that record exploded,” he says.

Listen to the Shannon In The Morning Big Show Daily Podcast for the full interview with Meat Loaf, which begins at the 2:45 mark.

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Braver Than We Are will be available tomorrow, September 16th.


Comments (3)
  1. His Star Spangled Banner for Romney was brilliant.

  2. Steve says:

    Janis Joplin could not have sung at that show in 1973. She died in 1970.

    1. Joey says:

      You are correct Steve. Odd. Perhaps Meat meant 1970?

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