Mickey Rourke is a legend. His career has been awesome. From the erotic movie with Kim Basinger, 9 and a Half Weeks to getting Oscar nominated for The Wrestler and then being a villain in Iron Man 2! Mickey keeps on bouncing back.

So when I saw him hanging out on a red carpet I had to introduce myself to him again. I started by telling him I met him at the Sundance Film Festival a few years back. He blatantly told me, “I’ve never been to Sundance”.

I wasn’t going crazy as I did meet him there and had to jog his memory a bit as he had his dog Loki with him. I remember it clearly, as I nearly squashed his little Chihuahua. Imagine if I had of stepped on Mickey Rourke’s tiny dog back in 2004!

Looking muscular, with sunglasses on, I babbled with no real idea where this interview was going to go. My first statement to him was, “You still look fit”, where he replies, “Still fit”. This is going great!!!!

I then say, “Have you been doing push ups?” Where he replies, “No, I do Jumping Jacks”.

I actually start to giggle a little bit as I think to myself, “What am I going to talk to him about?”

These are my most fun moments where you get a celebrity and they actually have nothing to talk about! I just have to figure out how to keep him interested so he hangs around for another minute so I can continue this off-the-cuff interlude with Mickey Rourke.

I ask him, “Where do you hang out?” He replies, “Wherever the wind blows.”

I’m losing him a little so I have to act quickly. What’s his passion? What’s his love? It was his dog Loki — until she passed away in 2009. So let’s roll out the puppy dog angle. I ask, “Have you got a new dog?” He gets a little excited and answers, “5…. It took 5 dogs to replace Loki.”

I ask, “What are their names?”

“Yvonne, Igor, Little Joe, Ruby Baby… ahhhhh… Number One,” he quickly replied, almost forgetting Number One.

We then got into an insightful chat about the civil service of picking up your dog’s poop.

Just so you know, if you live in Mickey’s neighborhood and see a bunch of dog poop around — it’s his. His dogs’, that is. When I told him you’re really not supposed to leave that stuff laying around this day and age, he gave me the most amazing answer — “I don’t come from now, I come from back then.”

Mickey Rourke, Hollywood legend!

Not really up for a chat at the beginning I think Mickey could of talked all night about his dogs and what they mean to him. Let’s hope this guy keeps on getting the movie roles he wants and deserves.

Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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