Many years ago I met Bryan Cranston at a hotel on the Sunset Strip to chat with about the finale of his sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle. We had a wonderful chat about life, his role as ‘Tim the Dentist’ in Seinfeld and what he was going to do in retirement.

Then a little show called Breaking Bad happened and forever Bryan Cranston will be a legend of TV. Some might even call his acting ability in bringing Walter White alive was genius.

Since then he has starred on Broadway as President Johnson, made an HBO movie about that play, and has been nominated for an Oscar as Trumbo. So I was a little excited that I was going to get chat with him 11 years later from our first meeting.

I opened up by telling him “we met in a seedy hotel on the Sunset Strip”.

He shakily replied, “Were you wearing clothes?”

Bryan is starring in movie out now called The Infiltrator. It’s the story Bob Mazur, a US Customs agent who went undercover in the late ’80s, infiltrating Pablo Escobar’s Colombia drug cartel. Bob went on to write a book on which the movie is based.

A thrilling movie, Bryan explains to me the double life Mazur had to create. “What got my attention was, how does that man who is playing Bob Musella during the day, who’s laundering money, being a tough guy, then go home and be Bob Mazur, family man?”

As well as all the TV guru superlatives I could throw at him I can also say he is a top guy too. 60 years of age and at the top of his game! Watch the trailer for The Infiltrator below.


Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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