By Amanda Wicks

Kidz Bop takes all the biggest hits and revamps them so they’re more kid friendly, which got Ice Cube thinking about a new business opportunity. The rapper together with “some of [his] hardest rapping homies” rewrote their most famous songs, took out all the cursing, and created Kidz Bop Hip Hop.

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The hilarious sketch appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday evening (June 13). How exactly does hip-hop’s hard edge get softened for kids? For starters, Ice Cube’s song “It Was a Good Day” became “Snow Day.” His most sexually charged lyrics about getting intimate with his lady have been replaced with lyrics about that annoying problem when snow is “so deep.”

Several other tracks got the Kidz Bop Hip Hop treatment. Lil Jon’s “Get Low” became “Tetherball,” Ty Dolla $ign’s hit “Paranoid” became “Dirty Boy” (about taking a bath), A$AP Rocky’s “F—in’ Problems” became “Truckin’ Problems,” and Big Sean’s “I Don’t F— with You” became “I Can’t Tie My Shoes.”

Perhaps the least kid friendly song, N.W.A’s “F— tha Police,” wasn’t too hard for Kidz Bop Hip Hop to rewrite. That song becomes “Hug Tha Police.”

Watch “Kidz Bop Hip Hop” below.


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