Eddie Money, famous for a string of Top 40 hits and his inability to keep a careful eye on his cash flow, is being sued by his former drummer and his fiancée.

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Glenn Symmonds, Money’s former drummer, sued the singer for wrongful termination in October 2015. The suit claims Symmonds was relieved of his duties due to advanced age and physical disabilities caused by bladder cancer and a back injury. Prior to being fired, Symmonds states he was the victim of “constant ridicule and harassment” due to his ailments, with Money mocking him for urinary incontinence caused by chemotherapy in front of crowds during performances; Symmonds states Money would joke the tour was sponsored by Depends adult diapers.

According to Billboard, Tami Landrum, Symmonds fiancée, has joined the suit, stating she has been the victim of constant sexual harassment by Money. The suit claims Money, during a private party in 2013, dedicated “Think I”m in Love” to Landrum and, while on stage, “unzipped his pants, and put his thumb through is zipper (intending his thumb to look like his penis) and began to gyrate his hips and dance while he wiggled his thumb.”

Tensions came to a boil in May 2015 when Money allegedly locked Landrum in a bathroom during an argument and refused to let her leave. After being confronted by Symmonds, the entire band was laid off by Money within a week, with everyone but Symmonds and Landrum returning to work in the following months.

Money’s attorney Dina LaPolt has called the suit against her client “specious and ludicrous.”

“Plaintiffs are shameless scammers looking to shake down Eddie because he is a celebrity,” LaPolt says. “In their convoluted and confusing amended complaint, they’ve thrown all sorts of things against the wall in hopes that something will stick. Nothing will. Eddie intends to take vigorous and aggressive legal action to counter these outrageous and blatantly false allegations against him.”

Money claimed in a January court filing that he made band members aware of his plans to spend the Summer of 2015 touring with his children and they would rejoin him at the end of the season. Money states Symmonds and Landrum responded with “malicious and unwarranted attack”; leaving threatening voicemails to promoters telling them to stop paying Money and ridiculing the singer with damaging posts online.

“The fact that Eddie did not invite Plaintiff to rejoin the band had nothing whatsoever to do with his age,” the brief states. “Nor did it have anything to do with any illness or disability that he suffered. It was based entirely on how inappropriately Plaintiff reacted upon hearing that Eddie wanted to tour with his adult children during the summer.”

Symmonds’ legal team plans to depose dozens of witnesses.

“I would expect no less than 40 to 50 depositions,” says Symmonds’ attorney Lawrance Bohm, adding, “I feel like the rock and roll music industry has given itself permission to mistreat women. Whether you’re Eddie Money, or anyone else for that matter, you’re not above the law.”



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