Since news broke of there being no trace of a will left behind by his purpleness, Prince, fans have been wondering what will happen to the many projects that have been talked about over the years but never saw the light of day. One of those being the Kevin Smith/Prince documentary that was filmed and shelved — Kevin has spoken about this story at length, which you can watch here.

But that’s just one of possibly thousands of projects.

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Bremer Trust are now the executors of Prince’s estate, and were forced to drill into the singer’s vault so they could find out just what was in there. They have not made their findings public yet, but lists containing some of the items have already started leaking.

Here’s list of what we hear the vault contains so far, including but in no way limited to:

Unreleased projects…

The Rebels — A collection of rock songs done with members of The Time in 1979.

Apollonia 6 film — A cinematic attempt to do for Apollonia 6 what Purple Rain did for Prince.

Teal — Shelved album/image overhaul created before Prince adopted O(+>) in 1993.

Bockwinkel — Unreleased hard rock project with Bob Mould.

New World — Unreleased techno album from 1995.


Lot’s of Michael Keaton era Batman projects and items (purple of course)…

Replica Batsuit — Michael Keaton era design, built to scale, matte purple finish.

Batdance Project — Remixes and expanded versions featuring Roxette as Catwoman.

BMX motocross bicycles (4) — Painted purple. Unused.

Catsuit — Sexy saxophone slow jam concept album inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from Batman Returns.

Robin — Concept album dedicated to Robin to coincide with the Batman And Robin film release.

“Mr. Freeze” — Concept maxi-single Batman And Robin/Arnold Schwarzenegger tie-in for a promotion with Dairy Queen.

Joker — Tribute album to Heath Ledger.


Apparently he and Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum were BFFs…

PxP — Hardcore project with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

P2P — Slow jam project with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

PnP 242 — Industrial project with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

PP — Chuck Berry tribute album with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.


And he had a few of his pals’ albums…

Untitled Stevie Nicks duet project.

Neil Young’s Homegrown album.

David Bowie’s Toy album.

Untitled EP with Kim Basinger, Ween, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Pure Energon — Transformers-themed concept album with the Information Society.

“Unity 4 The People” — Unreleased charity single with Michael Jackson

Purple Blue — EP with The Jayhawks.

Heart — Acoustic album recorded in 1994.


A whole lot more purple stuff, including…

Purple Rain 2: The Purpling.

Purple — Coffee table book curated by Prince featuring photos of purple outfits.


And some more weirdly awesome things…

Morris Day-narrated Koko B. Ware documentary film.

“It’s Morris Time” — Morris Day and Jason Mewes rap track intended for the Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack. Never released.

Martika’s Kitchen: The Cookbook — Rough draft of planned co-authored cookbook and album project.

T.C. Bear (Minnesota Twins) outfit — Built to scale.

Two boxes of correspondence between Prince and Sinead O’Connor — O’Connor’s contributions are mostly lurid cartoons about Saturday Night Live cast members.


See the full list HERE, provided by


–Shannon in the Morning/WCBS-FM


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