Brad Blanks has been Scott Shannon‘s celebrity reporter for more years than he’d even like to count. But each time Brad hits the red carpet for an event, we all win in the end, because his style and personality are just brilliant.

Take a look at some of his past interviews to get a feel: Like that time Oprah tried to make him a better man, or that time he talked about filling up bathtubs during the cold war with Steven Spielberg. And who could forget the time he awkwardly talked erections with Henry Cavill and got Mick Jagger to actually remember living in NYC in the ’70s?

Brad’s latest event was at the NYC premiere of the new Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell comedy, Mr Right, in which Martha (Kendrick) falls for the “perfect” guy (Rockwell), who just happens to be a hitman on the run.

Wu-Tang Clan musical mastermind RZA is also featured in the film, playing the role of obviously nice, but still a bad guy, “Shotgun Steve”.

“I think he’s a guy that’s trying to find himself,” RZA told Brad. “But he may not succeed at that,” which reminded the rapper and producer of his younger self coming up on Staten Island in the ’80s and ’90s.

“It was a young me who thought that doing stupid things was cool, he remembers. “And they wasn’t!” Elaborating on his time leading up to and during the release of his first album, RZA joked that “’92 was a big, dumb year for me… but ’93 I figured it out. I put out my first album, called Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and I sold a million records. Life changed.”

One of those changes, Brad remembers, was the group’s hilarious guest spot on the Larry Sanders Show. RZA remembers hanging out backstage with Garry Shandling (who just passed in March 2016).

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“Oh man, love Garry Shandling. Rest in peace to Garry,” RZA said, while not quite remembering the year that took place. He certainly remembered what happened backstage that day though.

“I forgot what year that was,” he said laughing, “but I know we had a nice smoke together … not just me, Method Man as well!”

You can check out the trailer for Mr Right below.

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–Joe Cingrana/Shannon in the Morning



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