As the serious Oscar movies are passing and Deadpool has dominated the box office with some brilliant filth talk and violence, the movie theatres are about to have a feel good story. The movie is Eddie the Eagle and it stars British actor Taryn Egerton along with Australian superstar Hugh Jackman.

It’s the story of Eddie Edwards, a ski jumper who became a star during the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Not looking like an athlete by any means, wearing thick glasses, Eddie pushed himself to compete in the British Winter Olympic team. Although he wasn’t as good as the other ski jumpers, his look, his every man charm, and his want to succeed captured the Olympic spirit quickly making “Eddie the Eagle” a global hero during those Olympics.

Chatting to Hugh Jackman, who plays Eddie’s coach in the movie, he talked about when he was a kid watching Eddie compete. “We loved Eddie, he’s kind of an honorary Australian,” said Jackman. “The poster child for having a go!” Hugh went on to mention that the movie shows that “half the athletes in the Olympic village were angry as they thought he was just chasing his 15 minutes of fame.”

I couldn’t let Jackman get away after I made him coach me as if I was lined up for the Olympic ski jump. His words of inspiration were, “Crouch, Clench, Release”.

Very fitting words for me if I was actually standing at the top of a ski jump! Not so great for the rest of my red carpet interviews, though.

Eddie the Eagles kicks off in theatres tonight (Feb. 25).



–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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