Does Ray Romano do illicit activities on private jets with beautiful high paid women of the night? Hell no. But his character in the new HBO show VINYL does.

He plays record executive, Zak Yankovich, and he kicks off doing some wild stuff with the star of the show, Bobby Cannavale.

I caught up with Ray and asked him about the people that worked in the record business in the early ’70s. Ray went on to say, “we read about them…. a book called Hit Men. It’s a little eye-opening. You knew shaky things went on, but boy there are some characters there!”

When I bring up the private jet antics in the show to him he replied to me, “The private jet I’ve been but the hookers on the private jet is new to me!”

It’s fantastic to see the sitcom dad we loved in the late ’90s and early 2000’s play an absolute wild man in this great new show. Check out the premiere, this Sunday night on HBO at 9PM.

Brad Blanks & Mick Jagger on the 'Vinyl' red carpet (Photo: Brad Blanks)

Brad Blanks & Mick Jagger on the ‘Vinyl’ red carpet (Photo: Brad Blanks)

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–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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