It has been a big week for Oprah Winfrey. She has a new show premiering on her OWN network called Belief AND she just bought 10% of  Weight Watchers. Her involvement has lead the company to shoot up 125% in a day. That’s about $70 million for her… in one day!

Last week, I went along to the red carpet for her show about spiritual awakening, Belief. This show goes for just seven nights on OWN, every night this week at 8PM. Oprah looked marvelous on the red carpet and I waited patiently for my moment with the great lady. I never know how these red carpets are going to go; they can go badly straight away with the celebrity getting pulled into the movie theatre without even speaking. It’s a tightrope game of just simply getting another human to talk to me. Albeit this human is Oprah!

Before she got to me, she was swarmed by a bunch of real-life journalists. I kind of had her blocked, as she had to walk past my massive frame in order to get into the theatre. When she finished with the mini-press conference, I could tell she thought she was going straight in. But no, she saw my new dodgy, bushy beard running screen, and stopped for a little chat.

Our pal @bradblanks getting scolded by #Oprah on the @owntv #Belief red carpet! Leave your best caption below!!!

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I introduced myself and asked her if this new show could help a simple man, like me. She gave me a funny answer, “It’s not like ‘learning’… it’s not like spinach, you know?!” In my head I started laughing as it was funny how she said the word ‘spinach.’ She then went into a well thought out pitch of what her global show about spirituality was all about.

I needed to drill down a bit more, though. I had been watching Oprah’s videos about meditation all day on YouTube. She is very soothing. Knowing I was on a tight timeframe and she could be pulled away at any moment, I just blurted, “can I watch your videos and maybe meditate one day?” She giggled!

This is where Oprah got going. She explained to me that the best form of meditation is just to be “still,” and she could tell that would be difficult for me!

She then went on to give me sage advice when I told her that my wife and I check our phones every morning. Oprah explained how this is a bad thing: “It ends up ruling your day… If you turn on your cell phone, your whole day is ordered on what is on that cell phone.”

My first interview with Oprah, and it was a great experience. She looked fantastic and was one engaging interviewee. I personally think the photo above of her “scolding me” is a keeper!!!


Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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