Have you ever witnessed a person completely give up, right before your eyes? It’s a very sad and sobering moment, usually resulting in some self-reflection of your own.

Judging from their performance during the 38th Annual Oyster Festival in Norwalk, Connecticut this past Sunday (September 13), it appears Smash Mouth, or perhaps just frontman Steve Harwell, has stopped trying.

That, or he was REALLY drunk.

Either way, letting a mic stand support all of your body weight while you struggle through the one song that made you popular to millions of people across the globe is not a good look. Everyone knows the words to “All Star.” It was the lead track on Now That’s What I Call Music! 3, a very big deal during the time of CDs and pop music compilation albums.

Watch the sadness for yourself.

The same mess occurred during the band’s most popular cover; the Monkees'”I’m a Believer,” featured on the animated classic Shrek. Oddly enough, Harwell appears to take the shape of Shrek while on stage.

The only thing sadder than seeing professional musicians give up on stage might be this handsome, pony-tailed couple.



This is a far cry from Smash Mouth’s performance during 90sFEST in Brooklyn last weekend, but also not the first time they’ve been truly horrible; Harwell became angry and violent during the Taste of Fort Collins food festival in Colorado in June when patrons began throwing bread at him.

If Harwell has a gluten sensitivity, this would be understandably upsetting. But he probably doesn’t. He’s just finally given up, which is really sad.



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