I went along to a HBO red carpet the other day. It was for a small mini-series called SHOW ME A HERO (8pm, Sundays). While I was standing on the red carpet I noticed a tall man leaning against a wall by himself just hanging out. I squinted my eyes to see if it really was him. Yes it was. Samuel L. Jackson, one of the great actors of modern movies, was just hanging.

This guy is “Jules my man” from Inglewood, a Jedi night, the robber of McDowells in Coming to America, “Frozone” from the Incredibles and the dude who kills all those Snakes on a Plane. There was “Nick Fury,” just hanging. People started to notice him but he was NOT talking to anyone.

Sam was there to support his wife, LaTanya Jackson, a Tony-nominated actress, who plays an embattled mother in this HBO drama about Yonkers. It was a delight to talk with the woman who is married to a “Bad mother f*%#*@”.

At least that’s what his wallet said in Pulp Fiction.

I had to get Samuel L. Jackson involved somehow, so I posed the hard hitting question to LaTanya, “What does Sam L. Jackson, your husband, think of your performances?”

She replied “I think you should ask him that.” That was my hook. With that I yelled, “Sam, Sam… Samuel!” He looked over at us where she nodded for him to come over.

I posed my question to him, asking “how he judges” his wife’s performances. He replied, “I don’t judge” with his wife nodding approvingly and saying to herself, “this is a big moment here.”

I had become Samuel L. Jackson’s marital therapist.

Now that I had inserted myself into their marriage, I wanted to get to understand how long they had been an item. They both answered together, “In college.” LaTanya went on to say, “40 something years ago.”

The interview then turned, like most of my interviews do, when I brought up his defining role in Pulp Fiction and his bit role in Coming to America. This is where a small squabble broke out between the two.

Samuel disagreed with me stating to his wife, “You thought Jungle Fever” was the more defining, where she reacted and said “he said Coming to America.”  Samuel Jackson straightened it all out by saying, “Pulp Fiction was a defining role for her, because she finally said he can finally do this.”

That was a thrill. I was just waiting for him to say “Check out the big brain on Brad!”

Next time!


–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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