The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is out in theaters now. I, your friendly but awkward Aussie, went along to the red carpet to get an interview with Henry Cavill. You might remember him as the latest Superman in the movie, the Man of Steel.

Henry recently told Men’s Health magazine that he got a little excited filming a romantic scene in the TV show The Tudors. He went on to say that “it ‘s only happened to me once, and it was very embarrassing.” So obviously, I had to learn more about this issue and confide to Henry that it happens to the best of us.

But before I got to that, I thought I’d ask him some things about the movie…

As Cavill appeared in front of me, I was initially startled by the fact that I was a lot taller than Superman. I asked him how tough it was playing Napoleon Solo, a cool, calm CIA spy in this movie. He replied, “I wouldn’t say it was tough when you have Guy Richie directing it.”

Cavill also said there were huge differences between making flicks like Man of Steel and The Man from UNCLE: “Man of Steel is all super power stuff,” admits Cavill. “A lot of green screen. Napoleon Solo doesn’t do that kind of thing. In fact, he prefers to not get his hands dirty. And so it is a bit less extraordinary.”

I then asked him about his embarrassing moment and if he has handled it well considering the story has blown up the internet. “I do find it funny,” Henry admitted. “It’s a real sign of the times if that’s the one thing I’ve said over the past two weeks that has stayed out there.”

I then caringly shared with him that “it would happen to me all the time if I was an actor.” And that’s when I visibly lost him. Great face he made, though!

*eye roll* Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight



Watch the trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. below.


–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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