Tom Cruise took over Times Square in New York City on Monday night for his 5th installment of Mission Impossible, titled Rogue Nation. I found myself in a decent spot on the red carpet and was excited to get my moment with the action super star. I was more than bewildered when I was told by the studio publicist that I was NOT allowed to ask a question, where she blamed Tom for being too talkative! A dash crushed, I had to agree with the film crews next to me, which were Reuters and a network from Japan.

Slightly forlorn, I was strategizing on how I’d ask one sneaky question, when no one was looking. 

I have done some great interviews with Cruise over the years but one of the most memorable was for Mission Impossible 3, back in 2007. That night I interviewed him outside the Ziegfeld Theatre. Just as I was finishing my chat with him, a member of his security team atomic wedgied me as I got pulled away. Tom yelled to me that night, “Are you alright man?” I replied with a slightly higher pitched voice, “Tom! They’re giving me a wedgie.”

This night I was attempting to be more professional.

The question asked by my little media scrum was what was more important: the stunts or the story? Tom answered, “Equally” but as he spoke he concluded “story is always king.” As much as Tom Cruise nearly kills himself doing crazy stunts, Rogue Nation is a well-scripted action movie with twists and turns and elements of comedy from this cast that includes Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Renner and Swedish newcomer, Rebecca Ferguson.

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As my time with Tom came to an end, I began noticing the Japanese TV crew getting a bit confident, asking him to send a shout to his fans in Japan. So, I decided to ask a quick little question…

Would Tom Cruise like this movie, as a little boy?

And I’m so glad I did. Tom leaned in, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “That little boy is still inside of me. That’s what makes these movies, and all my movies. Yeah, he would have loved it.”

I got something! My mission, which was meant to be impossible, was a small success.


Watch the trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation below.

–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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