Simon Pegg Confirms Tom Cruise Isn’t Crazy… On Set of ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’

Tom Cruise’s crazy train left the station some time ago. We’re not exactly sure when the tracks were laid down, but it departed on May 23, 2005 when he jumped around on Oprah’s couch. He blamed his love for Katie Holmes (“I’m gone and I don’t care.”), but chances are also high that Scientology, over the course of time, will make anyone go loony tunes.

Say what you will about Cruise and his personal life, but the man is a true professional on set, according to his Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation costar Simon Pegg.

Much has been made of the scene displaying Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt hanging from the side of a plane during take off, a stunt which he performed himself and says he was “scared s***less” during each of the eight takes.

Cruise wasn’t the only one.

“I experienced it in a way the audience won’t,” says Pegg of Cruise’s stunt. “I wasn’t sure if he was going to live.”

Scared? Yes. But is Cruise crazy for doing it. No way.

“He (Cruise) designs these stunts with the stunt team so rigorously and so carefully that the people that do insure it have to be happy,” says Pegg. “He’s not crazy at all. He’s incredibly diligent and figures these things out in such a way that they are, essentially, safe, even though they look incredibly reckless.”

“He takes care of business does our boy Tom,” adds Pegg.

Yeah. Look at Tom take care of business.


Listen to Scott Shannon’s interview with Simon Pegg below.



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