NYC born rapper turned actor Method Man plays the role of a male nurse in the new movie Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, Lebron James, Bill Hader and comedian Colin Quinn. It was a long red carpet and Method Man nonchantly walked it in a good old fashioned seersucker suit. Classic. Obviously most people say they loved him as a member of Staten Island’s most famous rap group, Wu Tang Clan, but I opened up by telling him how much I loved him in the short lived sitcom on Fox ten years ago, called Method and Red!

“It was pretty cool for what it was,” says Meth. I would even say it was ahead of it’s time. “The writers and us were still getting to know ourselves so it was kind of a pish posh, pedasherie(?) of ****ery!”

Um, ok.

Anyway, in the movie Trainwreck he plays a male nurse with a distinct accent, so I complimented him on his beautiful grasp of the Jamaican vernacular. Meth quickly responded, “actually it’s West African.” Oops! “I tried to do the West Indian thing,” he admits. “It’s hard. When I did it in ‘The Wackness’ people gave me flack, so I went with the safer route — went West African with it! Plus I grew up with a lot of Africans in my community on Staten Island.”

“The African accent,” Meth explains “is kind of like Jamaican, but proper. Proper English”

After a bit of embarrassment I attempted to get the interview back on track by asking him about working with comedian Colin Quinn. Meth admits that he is “such a big fan of Colin’s, it was hard to get into character at first, but after a while of him spewing this hate and misogynistic, racist hoopla… it was like, ‘alright, I’m gonna get his a**.’ And I did! He’s good in the movie too!”

Obviously Wu Tang Clan fans would like to know where they are now that the the group have recently released new music and made the rounds performing together again on the TV circuit. Method said, “all our kids hang around each other; Ghostface’s son and daughter were just over my house not too long ago. I mean, the family is there. Even if we don’t see each other our kids see each other.”

Maybe the Wu Tang Kids could do a Wu Tang part two?!

“Noooo,” Meth answered quickly with a smile. “But my nephews are pretty hot. It always skips a generation, doesn’t it?” he joked.

Check out the trailer for Trainwreck below.

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–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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