Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney On Playing the Hero for the Ladies

Taylor Kinney stars in the NBC sleeper hit show Chicago Fire. He’s also Lady Gaga‘s fiancee. I first heard about Chicago Fire from Scott Shannon, and was confused as to why he knew so much about the show and this guy. Scott goes to bed pretty early so he can perform brilliantly on the radio every morning and Chicago Fire is on at 10PM — way past his bedtime if he’s going to be in the studio for 4AM.

So, I dug a little deeper and figured out that Scott’s wife, Trish, is a big fan of the show and particularly Taylor. Apparently a lot of women are a fan of Taylor as he runs around Chicago dressed as a sexy sexy fireman saving lives.

Upon meeting Taylor I tell him straight away that Scott’s lovely wife Trish loves watching him on TV… at night… alone… where he sheepishly replied, “We have a great fan base, women, men, young, old, people have really responded to the show.”

Taylor loves playing a fireman and explains why people love fire fighters as much as they do: “They’re modern day heroes, it commands a lot of respect that job.”

This season, Taylor’s character got married in Vegas but broke up shortly afterwards. Taylor said, “It was rocky, that was rocky.” I asked him if it would work better in his real life with Lady Gaga where he replied, “I think I might fair better in real life.”

A top bloke, Taylor Kinney goes on to leave a personal message for Scott’s wife thanking her for watching the show! Check out the video above!

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–Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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