The number one movie in America is CHAPPIE. It’s the latest story from South African director Neill Blomkamp (Elysium, District 9), this time of an artificially intelligent police robot who starts thinking for himself. In the flick, fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman plays a baddie who wants to destroy Chappie and Sigourney Weaver plays his boss, a weapons CEO looking to make a profit off of him, but is ultimately afraid of his power.

I spoke to Hugh Jackman on the CHAPPIE red carpet in NYC recently about his role of playing a baddie in the movie and his love for Sigourney Weaver aka Ellen Ripley from Alien.

Speaking about his highly charged and under pressure character, Vincent Moore, Jackman says that “this is me at home, buddy. My kid’s like, ‘that’s dad,'” he joked. “He’s not a villain!”

Jackman continued, giving praise to the cast and creators of the film, saying “I loved it. I love working with Neill Blomkamp, I love the cast. I love this robot CHAPPIE. Man, I’m on a set with Ripley! She’s awesome and, you know what, she’s the nicest woman out there.”

“She won’t show you that, though,” he laughed. “She doesn’t like Australians.”

Sigourney Weaver, in an unexpected turn after admitting she actually does like Aussies, just not Hugh Jackman’s down-under mullet, posed this question to me: “Ripley Vs Wolverine – who would win?”

Oh brother! That ought to get fans riled up!

The answer, of course, is Ripley. 100%.

Watch the trailer for CHAPPIE below:

Brad Blanks/Shannon in the Morning


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