The New York Knicks are horrible. They aren’t just the worst team in the Atlantic Division, or the Eastern Conference, but the entire NBA. With a record of 10-43 going into All-Star Weekend, the best fans can look forward to is the #1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft, a coveted spot they will compete for along with division rival Philadelphia. Get ready New York, tanking time has begun!

Actually, it already started. The Knicks drag themselves into the All-Star break on a 5-game skid, second longest in the league, right behind the Los Angeles Lakers. The sorrows of both coasts met when Scott Shannon’s man on the street, Brad Blanks, spoke with Lakers legend Magic Johnson on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Kingsman: The Secret Service at the SVA Theater in New York City on February 9th.

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After a quick recollection of past All-Star weekends, Johnson gave a quick analysis of what both the Knicks and Lakers can do for a quick turnaround once their dismal 2014-2015 NBA campaigns come to an end.

“This Summer [we’re] hoping that both of them can turn it around through signing free agents and through draft picks,” remarks Johnson about the potential conclusion he and current Knicks president Phil Jackson will have this week. “It can turn around very quickly if both teams can be successful this Summer.”

The list of potential free agents that could be drawn to either team is long. Despite their current dismal situations, both the Knicks and Lakers are two franchises with long histories of success in the two biggest cities in America that could lure them in.

“Marc Gasol is a great free agent; you have LaMarcus Aldridge from Portland; you gonna have [Rajon] Rondo that used to play with Boston, now he’s with Dallas… Kevin Love may opt out of Cleveland,” says Johnson of the potential signings for either team. “You gonna have, potentially, a lot of great players who will be available. They [the Knicks] have to get a couple and we [the Lakers] have to get a couple.”

Easier said than done, Magic. Just ask your old friend and former Knicks President of Basketball Operations, Isiah Thomas.

–E.J. Judge/WCBS-FM


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