In the world of film, Clint Eastwood could be named the most lethal sniper of the industry as he directs the autobiography of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper.

At the National Board of Review, along with Sienna Miller, the multi-talented actor and director stopped to chat with Brad Blanks about his new production.

When asked about the intent to put so much heart in the war drama film, Eastwood emphasized having a mindset with empathy was very intentional but it’s all in the matter of how well to execute it on camera.

“Depending on how well you execute it, sometimes plans go array but once in a while you hit one where the audience coincides with your feelings,” Eastwood told Blanks.

Not revealing everything about Chris Kyle’s in American Sniper, Eastwood said he didn’t want the film to have a shock ending but wanted a story that swept smoothly.

Brad Blanks also caught up with Keen Eddie actress, Sienna Miller on the red carpetPlaying Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya Renae Kyle, Miller talked about love being the grounding aspect of the war in the film.

“It showed the dilemma that Chris faced,” she explained to Blanks. “He was trying to be a husband, a father, and also felt a huge set of responsibility to save lives in Iraq.”

Upon developing the film, Miller praised director Clint Eastwood for creating a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the whole production.

“The whole thing was fun,” she said. “It was a very weighted story; we felt the weight of the responsibility of telling it.”

Check out the rest of the interview above! The heart-wrenching film American Sniper is now out in theaters!

–Allyza Umali & Brad Blanks/Scott Shannon in the Morning


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