I’ve been excited to see the new Bill Murray movie St. Vincent ever since I heard about how the director got Bill to star in it.

The only way you can contact Bill Murray is by calling a 1-800 number and leaving a message — and that’s exactly what the director, Ted Melfi, did. Six weeks later, Bill called back and said “I’m in.”

So, I went along to the red carpet premiere in NYC anticipating a fantastic chat with the legend himself. I’d read that day that he was in Scotland over the weekend at a golf pro-am partying with Rory McIlroy. And while partying he got on stage to sing while Don Felder from The Eagles played guitar and Tico Torres of Bon Jovi played the drums. You can check out that video below!

Everyone was excited to see Bill, with the fans from the crowd yelling “Spackler,” his famous character from Caddyshack. By the time Bill had got to me on the red carpet, we just picked up like we were a couple of old blokes down the pub chatting about life.

We eventually talk about the movie, where he plays a grumpy old man who likes gambling and drinking, who eventually becomes a mentor to a 10-year-old boy. So, why not ask Bill what he would teach me if he was my mentor?

Watch the Trailer for St. Vincent below and my chat with Bill Murray up above…

–Brad Blanks/Scott Shannon in the Morning

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