Michael Rapaport Talks NY vs LA + New Rom Com “My Man Is A Loser”

Actor, Director, and Manhattan native, Michael Rappaport moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stand up comedy after being kicked out of High School, which eventually led to his success in the movie and television industries. He has starred in the hit series “Justified” on FX and “Boston Public,” as well as many motion pictures, including his newest flick “My Man Is A Loser.”

Having spent quite a lot of time in Los Angeles, Michael has adjusted to the west coast life, but he will always be a New Yorker at heart.

“Born and raised in Manhattan my whole life and, you know, spent a lot of time in Los Angeles the past few years but, I’m a New Yorker and happy about it,” Michael told the Scott Shannon in the Morning crew. “It’s tough to adjust at first but, you know, Los Angeles is not a bad place, the weather is fantastic…I miss living here, but I get back enough.”

Unlike many actors who have known that they belong in front of the camera since a young age, Michael had a different experience. Not knowing he wanted to be an actor, he originally idolized athletes. Later on, Eddie Murphy became one of his biggest inspirations.

“At first all my idols were basketball players and, and athletes really…and then I started watching movies but I didn’t want to be an actor I wanted to be the character,” Michael said. “So like I wanted to be Rocky, I wanted to be John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’.”

Michael’s latest project is his role in the upcoming movie “My Man Is A Loser.” In the hilarious romantic comedy, he stars alongside actors John Stamos and Sean Young.

“It’s sort of a romantic comedy about three friends, two of who are married in dysfunctional married relationships with overbearing wives and we go to our single, cool friend, who is played by Stamos, to try to get our cool back,” Michael explained.

“My Man Is A Loser” comes out in theaters on this Friday, July 25 and will also be available On Demand.

–Leah Cunningham & Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

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