Celebrated entertainment blogger Brad Blanks joined Scott Shannon in the Morning today to give us his take on the new film Need For Speed starring Aaron Paul.

Somehow, Brad missed the invite to the premiere, so his friend Scott Mendelson from Forbes Magazine went along. His review is pretty blunt: “Need For Speed is so bad, it’s good.”

Also, he says about Michael Keaton’s role in the film, “Michael Keaton is terrible and should have been cut from the movie.” Ouch. Maybe he could give us Beetlejuice 2 to make up for it.

The star of the flick, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, has won two Emmy awards and, interestingly enough, has even gotten drunk with Michael Jackson and the Sultan of Brunei. He leads a pretty eclectic life, apparently.

Brad had a chance to catch up with Aaron Paul recently to find out if he can actually drive as well as he does in the film.

“No, not at all,” said Paul. “I’m a terrible driver and I don’t know why they let me do this movie!”

Listen to Brad’s chat with Aaron Paul below:

Need For Speed hits theaters tomorrow.

–Joe Cingrana/WCBS-FM

Brad Blanks turned up in Scott’s radio studio 14 years ago and demanded he be his Sydney Olympics correspondent. Scott asked him what experience he had, where Brad replied “None”. Scott said, “Perfect, you’re hired”.

A year later Brad was living in New York City where he has forged a path interviewing actors, comedians, musicians and anyone with a story to tell. As well as the Olympics, Brad has covered the Oscars, the Sundance Film Festival, the Kentucky Derby, the World Cup soccer, the Superbowl and can often be found in New York City attempting to get someone to talk to him. During all this he has managed to get married and has 3 children.

Brad’s interviews can be seen at www.bradblanks.com and you can follow him on Twitter @bradblanks.

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