AP Photo//Sachs Media Group

AP Photo//Sachs Media Group

Whether it was drugs, alcohol or a tragic accident, many of our favorite and most beloved rock stars had their time on Earth ended prematurely. What was left was not only a feeling of extreme loss for those who inspired us greatly with their art, but also a void filled with curiosity: if given more time, what more could they have accomplished?

With time, of course, these rock stars would also age physically. That’s why Ron Sachs of Sachs Media Group collaborated with Phojoe, a photo restoration and manipulation company, to create the Rock & Roll Heaven tribute campaign. Sachs spoke with CBS-FM’s “Broadway” Bill Lee today about the the campaign, the inspiration behind it and the feedback it’s received during the short time since going public.

“We love rock ‘n’ roll, as people all over the world do, and creating Rock & Roll Heaven for these 12 legends has opened up a tidal wave of interest in what they might look like today and what they might have achieved in all the years since their untimely death,” says Sachs.

“For these 12 legends, these icons, we brought them back to life lovingly, with respect and we’ve engaged the entire community of rock fans all over the world in a conversation about how much do you love them, would you still love them today and what might they still have achieved,” adds Sachs.

Sachs Media Group enlisted the help of Dr. Reebee Garofalo—a professor of Community Media and Technology at the University of Massachusetts Boston— and Elijah Wald— a musician and music writer (How the Beatles Destroyed Rock ’n’ Roll: An Alternative History of American Popular Music)—to deduce how the careers of each musician would have progressed.

Listen to Bill Lee’s complete interview with Ron Sachs below:

Have a look at the 12 aged rock legends below, then vote or submit who you think should be the next rock stars to make the list and have their likeness re-imagined to present day.

John Lennon 1965 / Today

John Lennon BA

Bob Marley 1981 / Today

Bob Marley BA

Elvis Presley 1960 / Today

Elvis Presley

Jimi Hendrix 1967 / Today

Jimi Hendrix BA

Jim Morrison 1970 / Today

Jim Morrison BA

Janis Joplin 1970 / Today

Janis Joplin BA

Bobby Darin 1965 / Today

Bobby Darin BA

Dennis Wilson 1979 / Today

Dennis Wilson BA

Karen Carpenter 1971 / Today

Karen Carpenter BA

Keith Moon 1978 / Today

Keith Moon BA

“Mama” Cass Elliot 1967 / Today

Cass Elliot BA

Kurt Cobain 1993 / Today

Kurt Cobain

Of the rock stars who have died young, who would you like to see restored to present day like those above?

Photos courtesy of AP. Restored images used with permission from Sachs Media Group.

–E.J. Judge/WCBS-FM

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