Do you plan on sending out a family holiday card this year?

Now’s the time to take the picture and get the ball rolling!

I’m a HUGE holiday card person.  I love to get them and I love to create and send them.  I’ve been doing it since my son was born 17 years ago and it became even more fun when my daughter popped onto the scene two years later.

I enjoy catching the dynamic of the year and sprinkling it with holiday glitter and cheer.

Last year, I got them both smiling, in front of the tree, but when you turned the card over(see below), you witnessed the real sibling rivalry!  I got more comments on the back side than the front.

Every year, I save the cards I receive and use them as inspiration for my own card next year.  I already have this season’s made up and it’s a tribute to a card I sent out ten years ago, photographed by a friend at 880.

Now, if only Dan would send me a card for Christmas!  I just found out (from Dan) that he’s had personalized cards made up and sent them for listeners.

I’d better get one this year!

Do you think sending an actual card instead of an eCard online means you’re stuck in the past?

The stars of Nine by Design on Bravo say no way!

Bob and Cortney Novogratz have seven children and they say that in this digital era, it’s even more fun to open your mailbox and find a picture card inside.

One of their favorites is Brady Bunch inspired!

They put themselves and the kids in nine separate shots and came up with “The Novogratz Bunch.”

....the back of the card (with the real story!).

….the back of the card (with the real story!).



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