There are a few musicians who appear to withstand the test of time, but Paul McCartney may be the only one reveling in it. At 71 years old, Macca continues to produce and release new music, tours the world with his three-plus hour performances and has a fan base that continues to grow as the days pass.

McCartney shows now signs of slowing down. He has a new album — simply and appropriately titled Newdue for release come mid-October. And, as he continues to amaze us with his work ethic, Sir Paul has been pushing the album’s title track tirelessly, performing an “impromptu” acoustic version of “New” followed by an epic rendition on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

To further help the promotion of his sixteenth studio album, McCartney took part in a Twitter Q&A, asking fans yesterday to submit their questions using #AskMacca. Here are the six best and most interesting.

Are there any current artists you’d like to do a duet with?


Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan? You can sign us up for this immediately. Can we call it Abbey Road Revisited? It has to be called Abbey Road Revisited.

What would you say is the hardest aspect about writing a song?


McCartney echoes what everyone feels when they start any project. If one of the greatest songwriters to walk the planet has trouble finishing his work, we should all rest a bit more soundly at night.

What is the last album you bought?


Kanye, The National, The Civil Wars and Jay Z: should it surprise us that McCartney — one of the greatest musicians of all time — listens to some of the today’s best contemporary artists? The man has good taste, that’s for sure.

What was it like recording with Giles Martin?
Any difference from recording with George Martin for so many years?


Like father, like son. Except Giles puts a new shine on Macca’s music that the younger generation can appreciate.

What strings do you use on your Hofner 500/1?


Learning how your favorite musician hones their craft is always interesting to find out, especially when they share little details about the equipment they use to get their.

Describe your fans in 3 words?


This isn’t as much interesting as it is fun. Us fans need our egos stroked every so often. It’s nice to know we’re appreciated and loved.

Though McCartney finished his Twitter Q&A rather quickly today, he revealed that he might answer some moreof your questions in the near future, so be on the lookout for that and follow him on Twitter @PaulMcCartney.

— E.J. Judge, CBS Local

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