#Imagine This: John Lennon On Twitter

Social media’s impact on society is immense; we’re able to connect with people, brands and even celebrities in a matter of seconds. We share our thoughts, plans, location and even the music we’re listening to for hundreds, thousands and even millions to see. Of course, it has its drawbacks: we don’t need to see what you eat for breakfast everyday; we know it’s raining outside; Kim Kardashian’s stance on Syria is completely irrelevant.

Imagine we had this groundbreaking technology forty or fifty years ago when a band as innovative as The Beatles were around. They would certainly take advantage of it, just as they did with every button, knob and fader at their disposal in the studio.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Yoko Ono reveals that her late husband John Lennon would have used Twitter, saying “I think John would have loved it. He would have used all of social media and convincingly, because he was a communicator.”

John Lennon on Twitter, eh? If such a thing were possible, we imagine Lennon’s tweets would have looked something like this (spelling mistakes and all).

John Lennon tweets 5

There would have been no better time for Lennon to join Twitter then before The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. He would have definitely been super positive, especially since the Fab Four were making their first major impression on the American public.

John Lennon tweets 3

Lennon would certainly have tweeted about the many causes he was involved in and asked for your help.

John Lennon tweets 4

The relationship between the members of The Beatles, especially John and Paul, became severely strained, both in and out of the studio. The Abbey Road sessions were a trying period for Lennon, and we imagine Lennon would take to the passive-aggressive subtweet to vent a little.

John Lennon tweets 1

News breaks on Twitter all of the time. Reporters use it to share details instead of waiting to get on air and musicians share information about recording and releasing new music.

Sadly, Lennon would have probably broke news of The Beatles breakup on Twitter if he had the chance.

John Lennon tweets 6

John Lennon definitely knew how talented he was. Fans flocked to him and he definitely would have been a bit of a humblebragger.

– E.J. Judge, CBS Local

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