Nothing about The Beatles‘ music can be said that hasn’t been said before. Every angle, from the obvious to obscure, has been analyzed thoroughly. Also, their music is just enjoyable to listen to, whether you’re a fan of their poppier work from the early 1960s or the more experimental, physchedelic work later on.

But an interesting way to listen to The Beatles music is by removing the music entirely; leaving just the vocals, that is. Paul‘s bass, John rhythm, George‘s unique style and Ringo on drums… all gone! The recording process is a long and tedious one, and fortunately, the parts that made The Beatles’ music whole can be dissected and appreciated on their own. Here are 4 great songs by the Beatles… without the music.

“Come Together”

John Lennon’s isolated vocals of “shoot me” seem a bit more eerie without the music behind it.


One of the greatest love songs ever written gets some added amazing to it when your reach the 1:51 mark of the song: Paul McCartney sings the guitar solo.

“Helter Skelter”

Maybe Charles Manson wouldn’t have come up with his “Helter Skelter” scenario if he had analyzed the lyrics without the hectic music.

Also, since Paul’s vocals are isolated, Ringo’s famous line, “I got blisters on me fingers!” is omitted. And listen to the very end, past several seconds of silence, for something you’ve probably never heard before.

“Oh! Darling”

Possibly McCartney’s best vocal performance, which can be greater appreciated all on its own.

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