Aaron Neville is a bit of a genre chameleon, recording albums in styles ranging from funk and R&B to country and gospel. For  his latest, My True Story, he re-envisions doo-wop, but the album isn’t just a stylistic change musically. Instead of showing off his sizable biceps with his signature sleeveless t-shirts, Neville went all-in for the classic doo-wop vibe with suits, at least while promoting the new album.

“Before, I’d probably be in here with an Affliction t-shirt on,” he told Radio.com. As someone who has always resisted wearing a tie, he looked to dapper comedian Steve Harvey for fashion inspiration. “When I used to wear ties as a kid, my mom used to tie [them],” Neville said. “You’ve got to change your appearance for these things. So I went for some different type clothes. I dig Steve Harvey, he’s the suit man, I be checking him out. And I guess you’ll see me in a few more suits than t-shirts now.”

On a more serious note, Neville says that his wife Sarah has been a big help in his fashion choices – and in moving on after the tragic passing of his wife of nearly 50 years, Joel, in 2007. “She’s helped me change my look a little bit,” he said. “She changed my heart. I went through a lot of stuff with Joel passing and all, she lifted my heart, and gave me a reason to be here. I didn’t think I’d be happy anymore, but I’m happy. It took a while – they say you go through stages, I don’t know if I went through all the stages or not. I think about Joel all the time, but not feeling sorry or sad or anything anymore. She’s in a better place and hanging with her mom and my mom and god and I’m sure she’s smiling down at me.”

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Brian Ives, Radio.com

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